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Are you a wholesaler? Let's JV your wholesale contracts and/or properties

Our network of cash-ready buyers is looking for off-market properties

We understand that you want to move on to your wholesale contract fast. Wholesaling your contracts is simple through our JV Real Estate program! We will market and assign your off-market contracts. We only get paid if we find a buyer and close your transaction!

What you get when you JV your wholesale contract with us:

We will promote your deal to our extensive mailing list, reaching a large number of contacts.

Your deal will be listed and marketed on our well-known real estate investing website.

Why should you work with us?

Exposure to a vast list of cash investors actively searching for off-market properties (and expanding every day)!

A listing on our site that receives a large volume of traffic from cash investors.

Connections with wholesale-friendly title companies, hard money lenders, private lenders, contractors, etc. to make the deal easier and stress-free for the buyer.

Nothing to lose: we only get paid if we bring a buyer and close, JV deals are typically split 50/50 depending upon the deal.



The Best Social Network That Pays Real Cash...

Commission Plan


  • Up to 10% of the ad revenue, you help generate, personally and from referrals

  • 10% residual commissions on PRO upgrade referrals

  • 10% commissions on all other referral purchases

  • $5 when you refer newly qualified affiliates

  • Unlimited earnings potential